• 2018

    Group CFO appointed

    Christian’s professional background covers both audit experience from Ernst & Young, consulting experience within Finance and Performance Management from large consulting firms and extensive CFO experience from Tieto, e-Boks and Intrum. He also used to serve as First lieutenant and Platoon Commander in the Royal Danish Guards.

    My ambition is to ensure that establish a stable and scalable growth foundation, by implementing the necessary routines, automation and reporting in order to support the business strategy and the need for timely proactive information regarding Finance and potential risks. I’m looking forward to taking part in this exciting journey and facilitating our continuous growth ambitions in both Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

    – Christian Brammer, CFO

    As Brammer joins the Lendomatic organization, CEO Mikkel Winston looks forward to the added experience.

    Christian brings in a strong profile with experience from international- and prominent Danish companies. I’m convinced that his expertise and experience will contribute to the continuous growth and internationalisation of our business, and I’m looking forward to welcoming him at Lendomatic “

    – Mikkel Winston, CEO

    The addition of Brammer as CFO will help to ensure the already good foundation of a promising future for Lendomatic.

  • 2018

    35,000 loans: Accelerating through another milestone for Lendomatic

    In early September, Lendomatic reached another positive milestone in the passing of 35,000 loans made to Danish consumers.

    The increased pace between every time we issue 5000 loans is a clear indicator of the rapid growth pace of Lendomatic, and having passed 35,000 loans in just one and a half year, the young age of the company does not seem to affect new CFO Christian Brammer:

    ”It’s very important that we are moving this fast and we clearly expect that the pace will at least be similar going forward. We are on a very exciting journey, and I’m impressed by the dedication and drive of the entire staff.

    The objective is to ensure a continuously stable and scalable foundation of the company, as well as continuing our great workflow and dynamic organisation.

    – Christian Brammer, Chief Financial Officer

    Lendomatic is now very close to launching our Swedish brand, as well as introducing several significant improvements to our Danish brands.

    The company has entered the second half of 2018 with good results and even higher expectations.

  • 2018

    Lendomatic founder speaking at AI convention

    This summer, Dansk-IT (Danish IT) held an AI convention focusing on machine learning. Dansk-IT invited founder Mads Dahlerup to speak about our key learning working with machine learning in credit scoring.

    While the big banks and public institutions were represented in the audience, Mads Dahlerup spoke about do’s and don’ts when implementing machine learning in your organization.

    Lendomatic started working with machine learning in December 2017 and has made great progress in a limited amount of time. In our case, machine learning is used for payment predictions and fraud detection, giving real-time predictions while the customer is still in the application flow.

    We are big believers in machine learning and that good credit policies are machine made. Large amounts of data are collected on each customer and needs to be processed fast for customer convenience, without compromising credit policies.

    “We have come far, but yet just seen the beginning.”

    Mads Dahlerup
  • 2018

    Several licenses for a collective goal

    Lendomatic has now gathered a total of three country licenses from their respective Financial Supervisory Authorities.

    Back in 2016, when the Lendomatic venture first started, Founders Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Emil Fast Dahlerup, decided to enter the field they both had tremendous experience from, within digital marketing and the affiliate business.

    Both acknowledging the great potential, they started the long process of getting the first licens of the company, for the Danish market, from Finanstilsynet.

    “It was a long process, but we were – and are – very determined, so we crossed the finishline, though it was a battle.”

    – Casper Ravn-Sørensen, Founder

    Ravn-Sørensen and Dahlerup have both invested their heart and soul, and own capital, into what looks like a very promising company. The first report for the fiscal year of 2017 showed positive, which is very unusual for any company, and especially in the financial business.

    New, undiscovered markets

    This year Lendomatic will enter new territories with unexplored markets for the company. Starting out with the Swedish market in the beginning of the second half of 2018. Swedish Country Manager Jacob Hansson looks forward after an 11-month long application process with the Swedish FSA (FI) to get the license to operate approved.

    “We are happy to finally be approved and to start preparing for the launch. As a really innovative and modern consumer loan company, there are huge possibilities for us in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. It’s an exciting time at the moment and we are looking forward to enter the Swedish market.”

    In Sweden the company will operate as Finans 24/7 Sverige AB, and the first short term loan product will be offered through the ProfilKredit brand.

    Fin(n)ishing off this years expansion of the company, will be the move into the Finnish market. After touching base in Sweden, the company will bring the ”secure lending made easy” motto to the third Scandinavian country, under the name Finance 247 Finland OY.

    ”We expect to go live in Finland around fall 2018” says CEO Mikkel Winston, without promising too much.

    Lendomatic is primarily owned and operated by Mads Emil Fast Dahlerup and Casper Ravn-Sørensen, along with handpicked investors.

    CEO Mikkel Winston joined the team in October 2017, and has since day one, had a big part in the rising, ongoing success of the company.

    *+30.000 loans per July 3rd, 2018

    A great base – What to expect in the future?

    Expectations keep rising inhouse, with an intense focus to avoid a satisfied attitude. Long term goals include doubling and even tripling value, but to make those climbs realistic, short term focus is key.

    ”The markets we are going to enter, are unique and have each of their differences, good and bad, but all-in-all they are also similar in many ways. It is important for us to learn from mistakes on the Danish market, and bring those experiences across the boarders. In the new territories, we have to start out on a smaller scale, including a lot of testing.

    It is also impeccable that we recruit relevant people with relevant knowledge in these specific markets.”

    – Casper Ravn-Sørensen says.

    After a succesful first report for the company, the future looks very promising for Lendomatic.

    FSA Licenses:

    Danish FSA License

    Swedish FSA License

    Finnish FSA License

    Article written by Christian Lisby